☀️ Summerfest '24 😎

39.99 USD

Happy summer, Shotbow! For a limited time only, we are offering a spectacular bundle for Summerfest 2024. This package includes the Gold rank, 25,000 Shotbow XP, THREE exclusive particle trails, THREE exclusive balloons, TEN shout tokens! Only available through the end of summer 2024.

This Summerfest Bundle offers a ton of cool perks:

  • Gold Rank ($24.99 value) - Gold tag in-game + all premium benefits
  • 25,000 XP ($4.99 value) - 25,000 XP to spend on all things Shotbow
  • 10 shout tokens ($17.49 value) - shout to the whole server to share your summer vibes
  • 3 particle trails - Beachballs (NEW), Summer Fun, Sandy Beach
  • 3 balloons - Sandcastle (NEW), Orange Square (NEW), Sunny Day

This Spring Bundle special is available for $39.99, at a HUGE  discount!

Flex Your Rank Icon

Obtain a cool prefix to show Gold status. Additionally, your name will turn a swanky gold color, standing out in chat in-game, and online on our website's discussion forum.

5,000 XP Per Month

Redeem 5,000 XP each month via the Shotbow Rewards NPC!

Gold Cosmetics Package

Access to the Gold Cosmetics Package, including particle trails and more!

75 friends limit

Add up to 75 friends on Shotbow!

2 Shout Tokens Per Month

Get access to 2 free shout tokens upon purchase of Gold!

Server-wide XP Multiplier

You will receive a 2.5x multiplier bonus that affects all players on the game you're in, allowing everyone to quickly gain additional XP that can be used to purchase perks, new classes, and more. Also, if your premium time expires you get to keep your rank and XP multiplier forever! You can also upgrade your rank by purchasing additional packages in the future.

Server Joining Priority

Server full? Not a problem! You get reserved slot access on all game modes so you never have to wait for a spot to open up.

Additionally, if you're using a VPN or your network is detected as a VPN, you can still join Shotbow with active Shotbow premium.

Game-specific Benefits

Additionally, several games add other benefits that you'll unlock with a premium purchase:

  • Annihilation
    • Custom kill sounds and effects
    • Join any game in Phase 3
    • Higher priority in the team joining priority queue
    • Grappling Hook in Annihilation Lobby
  • MineZ
    • Access to PvE servers, so you can gear up without needing to worry about bandits
    • Access to Private servers, so you can play in peace
    • Ability to select your exact spawnpoint

We're also always adding more premium benefits, so stay tuned for more!

Note: Ranks should appear within 10-15 minutes.  If you have any issues with your rank, please contact our support team.