6.99 USD

Shotbow+ gets you all the premium benefits, private server access, reserved slot access, and much more at a low monthly cost. You can purchase this package as a one-off, or subscribe to automatically renew your benefits each month.

Shotbow+ Icon

Shotbow+ subscribers will be able to change the color of their indicator to any color they want from the following options: dark red, red, gold, yellow, dark green, green, aqua, dark aqua, dark blue, blue, light purple, dark purple, gray.

5,000 XP per month

Redeem 5,000 XP each month you're subscribed via the Shotbow Rewards NPC!

Incremental XP Multiplier

Each month you're subscribed to Shotbow+, +0.1x XP will be added to your multiplier, up to 4x XP. For example, if you are already Platinum with a 3x XP multiplier, subscribing for 1 month will get you to 3.1x XP, and subscribing for 10 months will max you out at 4x XP. This multiplier will reset upon cancellation of your subscription.

3 XP Boosters per Month

Each month you're subscribed to Shotbow+, you'll be able to redeem 3 XP boosters. These XP boosters last for 1 hour and will boost everyone's XP gain on your current server. For example, if you are in an Annihilation game with your friends, turn on an XP booster, and everyone will get a free +3x XP boost. If your friend is Platinum, they'll get a total of 6x XP.

3 Shout Tokens per Month

Got something to say after that fight at MineZ? Had a really solid game of Annihilation and want to give your team a pat on the back? Does someone need to get R3KT!? All of these can be accomplished with a shout out: a message that is broadcast over the entirety of Shotbow - all you need is a Shout Token.

Each month you renew your subscription, you will be able to claim 3 Shout Tokens through the Shotbow Rewards NPC in the lobby, which can be used to broadcast a message to the entire network! Simply do /shout [message] in the lobby to send a message to everyone.

Special Cosmetics

Active Shotbow+ subscribers will receive access to a ton available cosmetics, with the exception of rank-specific or special cosmetics, like the Jello pet for Emerald. Additionally, you'll get access to rainbow armor, all wardrobe features in the lobby, and more!

Server Joining Priority

Server full? Not a problem! You get reserved slot access on all game modes so you never have to wait for a spot to open up.

Additionally, if you're using a VPN or your network is detected as a VPN, you can still join Shotbow with active Shotbow premium.

Game-specific Benefits

Additionally, several games add other benefits that you'll unlock with a premium purchase:

  • Annihilation
    • Custom kill sounds and effects
    • Join any game in Phase 3
    • Higher priority in the team joining priority queue
    • Grappling Hook in Annihilation Lobby
  • MineZ
    • Access to PvE servers, so you can gear up without needing to worry about bandits
    • Access to Private servers, so you can play in peace
    • Ability to select your exact spawnpoint

We're also always adding more premium benefits, so stay tuned for more!

Automatic Rank Upgrades

Once you have spent the equivalent amount of money for a premium rank, you will automatically be updated. For example, subscribing for just 2 months will automatically unlock the Silver package for life, which gives you access to a cool rank icon, XP multiplier, and more.

Note: Ranks should appear within 10-15 minutes.  If you have any issues with your rank, please contact our support team.